The Midwest Region of ScotDance USA is looking to the future and is excited to host the ScotDance USA’s 2022 National Championships weekend.

We would be honored for you, your business or Scottish society/clan to join us and be a part of this exciting event as a sponsor. We have developed packages that provide every level of sponsorship with significant value and recognition. Our individual sponsorship packages focus on those who are likely attending the weekend of events and include tickets to events, including VIP experiences.  The packages for businesses, clans and organizations will provide significant publicity opportunities for your entity at this elite and exciting event, which will feature our first United States Inter-Regional Championship back since 2019!

You will see that our dancers are actively engaged in fundraising for this event through the Community Builders program, where dancers build their own communities as the donations that they individually raise increase.  We are excited to have our dancers partnering with us in this exciting manner.

We look forward to working with you to find a level that suits your budget and needs. If you do not see a package that fits what you are looking for or if you have a different idea on how to partner with us, please contact Treasurer Melissa Lindsay and we will work together to create a package that fits your needs.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, all of your gifts to ScotDance USA are tax deductible to the fullest amount permitted by law.  


The foundation of our community are individuals who love and support Scottish Highland Dancing. All contributions—regardless of amount—are valued and appreciated. The individual sponsorship packages have something for everyone—from those who would like to donate an award in memory or honor of someone to those who seek to sponsor a particular event during the weekend. We are very grateful for support from our friends.


We’re sounding a call to business, corporations and rally the clans!

We have created exciting sponsorship opportunities for you and your organization. However, we are delighted to partner with you to create a tailored sponsorship package to meet your organization’s mission and sponsorship goals.

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Our dancers are a powerful force. Dancers across the Midwest are joining together to support our Madison 2022 National Championships weekend by donating their own funds, as well as reaching out to friends and family. All donations are welcome and appreciated! Please help our individual dancers and schools support ScotDance USA’s 2022 Community Builders.